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Ever wonder what it would be like to be the best carpet cleaner in the world?  To be able to take every stain out?  Be the "rock-star" of spot and stain removal?  How would it feel to know that you have 20 years of knowledge in just 3 hours?   It's now possible with the masterful DVD.  It shows how you apply chemistry to cleaning and shows you how to remove every type of stain using your education from this DVD.  Imagine only carrying 6 products on your truck?  6 best carpet cleaning chemicals that you can get from this or any other supplier.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Learn more about this spot and stain removal DVD.  Can't afford $24.99 to learn?  How about watching it for free by simply signing up to see if you qualify and get a free link to watch it online?

Grease Eater Steals the Show.

Collective Opinion of Cleaners Leads towards the Best Carpet Cleaning Chemical.

Mike Elliott, Clean USA, Aurora, IL
"We've been using Grease Eater in a restaurant known as "Egg Haven." It's a breakfast place and we clean it bi-monthly. At 1 time we were using a rotary machine to release the grease, but with Grease Eater we just use wands due to the fact the Grease Eater is doing all of the work. It just makes the job go a lot quicker since we will not have to go over it with the rotary and also the wand. It has cut down that job by about 45 minutes."

John Glover, The Glovin Group, Kissimmee, FL
"We clean Denny's and Wendy's Restaurants, we do not clean really much residential. With all of the visitors areas as well as the heavy visitors areas, all you genuinely have to have is the Grease Eater. And it's so concentrated! As little as you use compared towards other chemicals we applied to use. We've truly tried some other brands like Grease Eraser Procyon don jon recently but they just didn't do well and we came back towards the True Blue Grease Eater!"

Michael Olsen, Olsen's, Carson City, NV
"I use Grease Eater on Tile and Grout. I use it for both commercial and residential tile and grout and it cleans 10x better than any other product I've tried! I buy my carpet cleaning chemicals and any carpet cleaning products I need form Magic Wand Company."

Dave Johnson, State of the Art Service, Vacaville, CA
"We use Grease Eater for pet urine and pet odor. You know that stale odor from dog sitting in 1 region of the room? Grease Eater is fantastic to break it up. We pre-spray with Grease Eater as well as in the extreme jobs were there is piddle all over the location, we will not need to individually treat each spot. We've even noticed that when we spray an entire region, the stains will lighten up and also disappear right in front of our eyes as we stare in amazement. We use 3x  less cleaner then we used to since we have started utilizing Grease Eater exclusively to remove these stains out for the ease of use. We also don't have any Post-Spotting simply because the stains are gone! 1 shot, Boom and knock it out. Best carpet cleaning supplies period.  Thank Taf for coming up with this stuff!" 

"I finally got a chance to try Grease Eater on slightly trashed, matted traffic lanes and blackened with residue. Its the typical apartment beige polypropylene crap.
When I encounter this particular type of rug I always say "It will be clean but I cannot guarantee anything will come out" I used 1 ounce of citra pure with my prespray. And beleive it or not I was speechless. Not only did it come clean, It looks new. even my customer challenged me " I thought you said It wouldnt get clean?" I didnt know what to say. I was still shocked how great it looked.
Yes, I posted the success on all the forums I am a member with. So expect alot of samples soon to be ordered, So just to say thanks so very much for making Order some Grease Eater and Enjoy your life. a product that actually works not only good but amazingly awesome. Sincerely Pat NuTech Care"

Mike Souza,

"Order some Grease Eater and Enjoy your life."

Bill, Rainbow International.

"I've cut my carpet cleaning chemicals cost in half since I started using Grease Eater.  You'll be able to do the same.  The stains that require hands and knees scrubbing just don't exist when you use Grease Eater.  Simply amazing."

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Products Truckmount Detergent Prespray Grease Remover Eraser Protector Scotchguard Tile Grout

The above untouched before and after picture sent in by Charles Hurst of Hands and Knees Cleaning.

"Just wanted to send you some pic's of a foreclosure job I did today.
Pre-Sprayed with a combination of Grease Eater and the new Surfactant with a bump of Citrapure ..............
Great results.
Mike Bernth"
Carpet Cleaner Puyallup 

See Before:

See After:

See Before:

See After:

The above picture was submitted by Bart Doss.

"Once again bravo. I was doing a large home for a competitor of mine(his mothers home) Used grease eater on first half another brand on second( that guarantees theirs to be better than any other) well finished and started second half. It was obvious the other was not the product.  I was actually embarrassed for them. I had to stop and pre spray the remaining with Grease Eater to get the same results as the first. Was the first time I have done a comparison and most likely the last. Your carpet cleaning product proved itself!!!!
Best Regards,
Bart Doss
Nuway Cleaners

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Big Boy 5 jet truck-mount wand with Grease Eater Dazzels the Audience.

The inscription on the filthy rug below was performed using Grease Eater.


We have customer in every state and major cities including: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada


Below, students study the 4 key ingredients of Grease Eater.  Dirt Remover (Traffic Lane Cleaner), Grease (automotive type)  Remover, Bacteria Digester (for protein/food type) and  Oxygen (for organic stains like urine, coffee, etc).  They also learned how to correctly use teflon glides (carpet cleaning wand glides) and how easy it is when all the Grease Eater ingredients are used.

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I buy all my carpet cleaning supplies from the same company I buy my chemicals from.  Grease Eater is the 1st thing I always pick up when I go in.

Below, see Paul clean a dirty Olefin without vacuuming or prespray.  Only Grease Eater in tank/stock solution.

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